This is a demo lyrics (2003)

e.p. hall


Court Cases

How many times will I hear my own name called and shake in my skin? a voice so familiar and so terrifying, all quiet and thin, pouring like thunder through leafless veins, crashing on borders of history's pains, you get our a briefcase, sleek and thin, I'm arguing court cases I can't win. All my defenses are bent from colliding with dimness and fear, a sand castle's melting in creamy white waves by the edge of a pier, swaying like shadows, painting the world in gray, ineloquent defenses in disarray, tearing through layers of sun burnt skin, I'm arguing court cases I can't win..."turn your eyes on him"



Your whole life broken into little wooden pieces, and every shape looks like a weapon for your thesis, with motivation separated through a prism, every color holds some darkness, you can feel them, but I've been here waiting, the glassy surface covers brushstrokes, gray and violet, and underneath them lies a secret cold and quiet, a thoughtful time of pure reflection may come to pass, and through the mirror that you'd painted you would see glass.



Wake me from a dream, where the sky is breaking into pieces, the shards drop like rain, they tear my flesh and shimmer as they fall, who can defend themselves against their own memory? where will you find someone to testify in your defense? caged honesty, fast asleep behind iron bars, she rattles in the night, I awake with a shudder, eyes open wide, where will you run when it finds you?


Blood Like Ocean's Tide

Used to watch your silhouette while you were sleeping, your sharp bones pushing out against your skin, times when everything was quiet, curtains flapped softly like jellyfish, and I held you like land holds a tree, so hard and steady and close to me, my blood like ocean's tide crashes up against your bedroom door, words float silently across the table, I've already said all you need to know: "when your hands are pocked from squeezing gravel, I will rain down cool, white snow," but I've been waiting for too many years now, with handfuls of relief that you can't see somehow.