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Mommy Crow - E.P. Hall

Copies can also be purchased at Indiana record shops, including T.D.'s, Landlocked, Luna Music, and Indy CD and Vinyl).





Designed (and modeled here) by David J. Woodruff, silkscreened by Jarod Isenbarger at In Case of Emergency Press. Comfy black tee with cream-colored image.

$10 (shipping included)

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THE EDGE THE MIDDLE (6-Song EP, Released 2006)

Now a self-identified classic. Quantities are very much dwindling.

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The Edge the Middle - E.P. Hall


Other things...

Very fancy 3x5 stickers with photography by ontolograph/jessi jefferson. There are some shirts and buttons too. Get through the cafepress store.





Other releases that can be gotten...(email ep at ephall dot com to get a copy)


Live from Bloomington compilation (2009)


Live from Bloomington compilation (2007)


Songs, 2006 single (2006)


This is a demo (ep) (2003)