(A smattering of beloved things...)

iff-transponder: our lovely UK label and dear, dear friends.

sticky and the bees: the other musical project that is constituted by e.p. and andy goheen...except that in this case andy is the brains behind.

the lovely jessi jefferson: the photographer for e.p. hall.

russian recording: in russia, record mixes you.

the bishop: a favorite bloomington bar and venue. indiana mp3 archive and online music community.

my old Kentucky blog: a favorite music blog. bloomington, indiana community radio...known for playing e.p. hall from time to time.

david woodruff: a favorite bloomington artist

landlocked music: one of the finest record stores, in these parts.

t.d.'s c.d.'s and l.p.'s: the other one of the finest record stores in these parts. a favorite person who gives away lots of his music. indiana university, bloomington radio station ..known to spin some e.p. hall.

sound of cicada: longtime loves

stephen james: even longertime...

chestnut tree records: friends

tomlab: things you need little known goodness happiness for the getting on diy things

suffolk n' cool: suffolk-based podcast run by friend peter clitheroe

social cognition wikipedia entry: things science