e.p. hall is a musical project based in Chicago, IL. e.p., who is a person (though somewhat confusingly not a person named e.p. hall) often plays with others. Past illustrious collaborators include Andy Goheen (of Sticky and the Bees), Greg Simpson, Joshua Radicke, and J.W. Hall.




"...there's something of the heart and rain and guts about this, something stripped and bloody and bare-boned about the whole affair, but one rich in emotion and language and imagery..."

-Cows are Just Food

"E.P. Hall is a talent with such sullen, slow building brilliance that this album will demand repeat listens for months, possibly years to come...you get the feeling that E.P. Hall not only knows something we don’t, but is teasing us with it as well. A stunning album – One that lingers and haunts and bites in and has you from word one and before a single chord is struck. 10/10"

--Subba Cultcha

"Listening to Mommy Crow gives the feeling of awaking into a dream. Thick with atmosphere, chimes and bells sprinkle in like cold rain, haunted with spoken clips. Vocalist [e.p.] toys with languid syllables, her voice drifting over finger-plucked guitars, rustling percussion, and liquid cello."

--Redefine Magazine

"Built primarily around [e.p.]'s haunting voice, plucked acoustic guitar, rattling percussion and occasional synth twists, Mommy Crow's metaphor-rife narratives and psychological preoccupations...would work well as accompaniment for late-night cemetery visits or a fire-side soundtrack"


"Des claviers, des effets et un picking de guitare surprenant, qui suffisent à créer une atmosphère bizarre, marquée par un spleen lancinant, mais jamais pesant. Une véritable intensité émotionnelle dans le songwriting, qui se fait sentir des les premiers couplets....Cela faisait longtemps qu'on avait pas écouté quelque chose d'aussi passionnant au niveau de la composition. Alors quand la chanteuse possède en plus un Ph.D. en sciences, on demande à savoir si elle est mariée."

--Écoute Première

"e.p. hall’s work has a rural, mysterious, abandoned farmhouse vibe, inspired by a nature that’s as spooky or malevolent as in The Birds or “The Raven,” the crow on the cover of the CD’s cardboard packaging both beautiful and threatening in turns."

--NUVO Magazine

"The result is a simple, haunting sound that floats along goth's wavering edge. It's not dark or overwrought, though there are hints of [e.p.]s psych doctorate in the cryptic symbolism and winding narratives of her lyrics. Intimate and slightly eerie, E.P. Hall's music hangs in the air like the smoke clouds of yesteryear."

--The Pitch

"An e.p. hall composition conveys an experience of space and emptiness. The fundamental sonic thesis of the music merges analog acoustic instrumentation with digital effects and ambient noises, blending and trading the traditional roles of each. Often a guitar or unidentifiable percussion will snap with a harsh obdurate emptiness while soft-edged digital waves hum, warm and enveloping. The lyrics, equally haunting, tilt from poetic metaphors into magical realism."

--The Ryder Magazine

"The use of sounds laden with nostalgic associations – birds, wind chimes, and carnival noises – creates a beautiful background for E.P. Hall to tell their stories."

--Record Dept.

"...lo-fi female fronted vocals that draws me in; beautiful, not too over the top and you can both dig into it and drift away with it."


"...die lyrics oft kryptisch und von andeutungen lebend. die musikalie wie ein leichtes kleid, wie ein netz, auf dass man nicht ganz nackt dasteht. eine wimmernde orgel, eine manische elektronika, die sanfte akustische, treue, adjutierende begleiter "

--das klienicum

"...Mommy Crow rests on Elise’s vocals that ruminate on each word and cut through to the soul."

--Puddlegum (Republished in Sound in Bloom)

"...one of the excellencers on the New Weird America Scene."

--Recent Music Heroes

"Best Local Album of 2009"

--Hipster Spinster

"...the most pretentious, self-obsessed bullshit I've ever heard."

--e.p., e.p. hall [Clicky]

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